Ways to Brighten Homes

Ways to Brighten Homes in the Sales and Rental Markets

Interior Design  and Lighting tips.
One way to shine in a competitive housing sales and rental market is to create a good first impression. According to experts, there are few easy ways to make a good  impression and shine in the market place and these may include lighting candles, filling the home with fresh flowers or the welcoming aroma of fresh-baked cookies or hanging a wreath on the front door.

Home improvement experts say that investing in new kitchen work surfaces or remodelling bathrooms and upgrading showers will give the home a whole new look and that you are more than likely to recoup your investment in the rental or sales market.

A quick makeover can make quite a difference but you don’t have to spend a fortune, say experts at lighting control manufacturers like Lutron Electronics who produce inexpensive yet effective ways to increase a homes appeal while adding value and cutting costs by adding smart controlled systems and dimmer switches in key rooms of the home that can be controlled remotely along with other smart home products and services integrated with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant

Dimmers can completely change the look and feel of a room while adding ambiance and creating moods, while also helping to save energy and increasing the life of low energy lightbulbs. Plus, your listing can include a mention of your special dimmers, voice or touch activated or app controls to differentiate your property from the rest.

Dimmers can improve the mood in large or small homes. A dimmer switch can turs a family room into a home theatre, a homework station a workout room, or create a romantic ambience at the flick of a switch.

If you want to really standout in your market you can add a wirelessly controlled system that includes heating and lighting that can be turned on or off remotely from the car, bed, patio or any room of the home. This type of system significantly increases value and attractiveness of the property while providing added safety benefits, such as tying in with a security system. To add security you can use lamps with low energy bulbs on timer switches or activated by low light levels or interior, exterior or entrance lighting that is activated by motion sensors or low light levels.

Adding dimmers is truly a quick fix that may require less than 15 minutes to install one. Dimmers are available online or at home improvement centres and lighting showrooms.

Investing in a good lighting system is sure way to brighten up any home and create more interest and attract more sales especially in the holiday home letting or Rental market.